Saison Restaurant

San Francisco CA

The San Francisco-based Three-Star Michelin restaurant Saison has a holistic ash and amber approach to great American cuisine. The aroma of natural almond wood as it burns in a brick oven gives off an organic mystique and creates a cozy, almost mystical, atmosphere, adding a glow to an already incredible dining ambiance. Avoiding restaurant conventions such as a "signature dish" so to speak, Saison’s menu constantly evolves into a new experience for its patrons. At first In 2009, Saison started as a pop-up, in 2009 open only one day a week. It received One Michelin Star in its first year, and then Two Stars the following year. This is very much a testament to the high standard of quality held as necessary from the very beginning. Consequently, after receiving the Two Star rating, the restaurant’s seating went down from 42 to 18 to help create a much more intimate environment for its patrons. The main attraction of Saison is the Chef’s Table which serves 16-20 courses with wine pairing. Diners overlooking the kitchen as Chef Joshua Skenes brings out incredibly delectable treats at every serving. Often when dining, there are only a few items in a certain dish that are harvested and prepared at their peak, so it is quite a magnificent experience to taste a meal where each ingredient is raised and prepared at its pinnacle of excellence. This has been the core philosophy and vision in turning Saison into what it is today: a delectable experience rather then a destination.

Interior Architect: Jiun Ho,  Photography: Matthew Millman