Fresh Connection

Lafayette CA

Fresh Connection is a leading exporter of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, working with growers throughout the US, South Africa, and South America. They export to wholesale distributors and retailers in more than thirty-five countries . They were seeking to develop a new headquarters that was flexible and open, yet with areas of privacy, that would also reflect their day-to-day business: specifically, it needed to be technology-focused, and sustainable in all elements.

The work and social areas are the most spirited parts of the building, branding the space thematically and through color to engage employees, facilitate interaction, and support the company’s focus on sustainability. Numerous elements of sustainable design have been integrated, from the exterior to the unique ceiling-based HVAC system to the interior design. This includes custom office furniture made from reclaimed wood, a lighting fixture constructed from an antique Asian field water mill and reception desk constructed with old grape vine posts. The reception area has a neutral color palette to reinforce the overall sustainability and farming themes, leading to the darker and more colorful executive area. Oversize, colorful paintings and sculptures were commissioned to further enliven the space.

Interior Architect: Jiun Ho,  Photography: Cesar Rubio