Jiun Ho Furniture and Jiun Ho Light prices reflect freight on board (FOB) to designated cities and does not include tax, duties, crating, handling, insurance, storage, shipping, assembly and/or installation.


NOTE: For all purchases made outside the United States, including Canada and Mexico, all payments must be made in international wires or via credit card US$.


Full payment, including insurance and crating, handling and storage, if applicable, shall be made by customer and received by Jiun Ho Inc. before delivery to customer is authorized.


All Jiun Ho Furniture and Jiun Ho Light designs are protected by copyright and Jiun Ho Inc. holds the exclusive right to manufacture the designs shown. All dimensions are considered approximate. Jiun Ho Inc. reserves the right to make changes in dimensions, designs and construction without prior notice.


Jiun Ho Furniture and Jiun Ho Light will customize most of its designs. Any customization will result in additional charge(s). Please contact Jiun Ho Inc. for an exact quotation. 

Material Specifications

Dimensions are given to the nearest 1/2 inch. As all pieces are handmade and assembled, measurements may vary slightly from those noted.


The nature and character of woods and metal will vary and will subtly affect the character of each piece. This is not considered a defect.

Industry standards permit a 10% variation in color. Finish samples are provided for general reference only and finished product may reflect the variations of natural materials.

Both solid hardwoods and veneers are used in the construction of all of our handcrafted furniture. Solid woods are used in framing to ensure sturdy construction and durability. Veneers enable us to provide for a more uniform and continuous matching of wood grains and colorations.

All selections should be carefully made due to the fact that all veneers and finishes are specifically selected by Jiun Ho Inc. for each piece of furniture. Because no two trees are alike, veneers may differ from sample veneers and floor samples. Most woods darken naturally with age so new products can be significantly lighter than older floor samples or veneer samples. Accordingly, Jiun Ho Inc. does not guarantee an exact match to samples, nor can we control the size or location of veneer or wood markings.


Customer's Own Materials (COM)

Yardage requirements listed are based on 54" wide plain goods.

Upholstery Construction

All sofa frames are constructed of kiln-dried hard wood and are doweled, glued and screwed at all key joints. Where appropriate, eight-way hands tied springs are utilized. All seat cushions, unless otherwise specified, are a 25/75 combination of down and feathers over core.

COM Yardage Chart

COM yardage requirements listed are 54W plain solid fabric without pattern. When using COM prints, repeat pattern or fabrics less than 54W, use the following table as a guide for calculating fabric requirements in addition to yardage called for in the price list. Jiun Ho, Inc. is not responsible for over or under quotes. Note: The chart below represents approximate yardage.

Shipping address for COM/COL will vary depending on the item(s) ordered. Please contact Jiun Ho +1.415.437.2284.

Jiun Ho, Inc.

1180 Folsom Street

San Francisco, California 94103


The Customer is responsible for providing specifications for upholstery including desired repeats and for backing fabric, if necessary.

Mid- to light-weight materials such as silk and rayon that are unsupported by backing tend to pucker at the seams. Jiun Ho Inc. strongly recommends against using un-backed fabrics and accepts no responsibility if the customer chooses to use these materials.

Jiun Ho Inc. recommends including a sample of COM/COL with the custom order is placed including specific information as to layout, direction and correct side of the fabric. This will both help identify your fabric and avoid errors in manufacturing due to incorrect fabrics that sometimes ship. If no sample is provided, Jiun Ho Inc. accepts no responsibility for fabric layout and will use industry standards in manufacturing the product.

An upcharge may be required to match plaids, large stripes and patterns or when upholstering with multiple fabrics, please consult your salesperson or showroom representative.

Customer should specify finish for wood feet or any exposed wood on all upholstered pieces.


All beds will be ordered based on standard mattress sizes unless otherwise custom quoted and specified on order.

Standard Mattress Sizes

  • Twin: W38  L75
  • Queen: W60  L80
  • Eastern King: W78  L80
  • California King: W72 L84


All items are warranted to be free of any material and manufacturing defects for 1 year from purchase date under normal conditions. This warranty does not apply to damage or breakage resulting from misuse, accidents, abuse, neglect, mishandling or wear resulting from normal use.

Jiun Ho Inc. disclaims all other warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Customer shall keep in mind the fact that no two trees are alike; therefore, wood and veneers may differ from samples available. Accordingly, Jiun Ho Inc. does not guarantee, warrant or represent an exact match to samples, nor can Jiun Ho Inc. control size or location of markings.


The laws of the State of California shall govern all disputes that involve these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions contains all the terms and conditions agreed upon by Customer and Jiun Ho Inc. and supersede customer’s purchase order. No modification to this Agreement shall be valid unless in writing and signed by both parties.



General Term and Conditions of Sale

It is entirely at the discretion of the purchaser to determine suitability of a fabric for any use.

All payments must be paid prior to delivery.


All prices are net wholesale freight on board (F.O.B.) from Byron Center, MI and do not include tax, handling, insurance, storage, or shipping. Clients who purchase our fabrics must be credentialed designers with Certificate of Resale or pay appropriate sales tax in states where applicable. Please confirm pricing with your Jiun Ho sales representative, or you may call (415) 437-2284, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Orders & Reservations

A cut fee of $30 will be charged for any order smaller than our (2) yard minimum. Fabric is sold in half yard increments. Piece cut sizes specifications are recommended. Always verify the number of piece sizes to be shipped. Order must be paid in full before it is released for shipment.

Reservations will be accepted based upon the availability of the goods, and the order in which they are received. Reservations will be held for 10 working days, at which time they will automatically expire. Our system will issue two reminder email notification; One 5 working days prior, and a second 1 working day prior, to expiration. These notifications are issued as a courtesy.

When placing a reservation, please specify the cut sizes needed in order to appropriately assign pieces to the order.


All discounts must be authorized by the office of Jiun Ho, Inc.

Cuttings for Approval (CFA)

With the exception of textiles where Cuttings for Approval (CFA) are not available, CFA are strongly recommended before authorization is given to ship. Due to variations in dyes, dye lots, yarns, spinning lots and weavers, deviation from showroom and memo samples may occur with final shipped fabrics. All stated repeats are approximate.

Cuttings for Approval are sent automatically via FedEx Ground unless otherwise specified by client. All CFAs will arrive with a Letter of Approval. The letter of approval will contain an approval link. Clients must use the link to approve the CFA; If mailing is desired, a physical copy of approval may be send to: Jiun Ho, Inc, 1180 Folsom St. San Francisco, CA 94103. Electronic or written approval is required for all CFAs prior to shipment. If CFA is waived, no merchandise returns will be accepted.

Shipping & Freight

Unless otherwise specified, orders are shipped via FedEx Ground. Freight charges must be paid in full before orders are released for shipping.

Freight Chart:

Lightweight and Midweight Fabrics (Freight Code L & M)

1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-70 71-100
Ground $54 $60 $68 $81 $94 $100 $133 $186 $253
3rd $68 $74 $81 $100 $133 $154 $174 $266 $334
2nd $81 $86 $94 $133 $167 $220 $239 $366 $466
Next $133 $139 $147 $200 $253 $293 $334 $499 $665
Heavyweight Fabrics (Freight Code H)

1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-70 71-100
Ground $68 $81 $86 $100 $107 $121 $160 $213 $281
3rd $81 $94 $107 $133 $160 $186 $213 $293 $360
2nd $94 $107 $127 $160 $227 $253 $281 $399 $505
Next $133 $160 $186 $227 $307 $346 $386 $585 $705
Suspended Fabrics (Freight Code S)

1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-70 71-100
Ground $81 $94 $107 $113 $121 $133 $174 $227 $293
3rd $94 $107 $121 $160 $186 $200 $227 $307 $452
2nd $121 $133 $147 $213 $293 $307 $334 $439 $638
Next $147 $174 $213 $239 $346 $386 $439 $599 $930
Double Width Fabrics (Freight Code DW)

1-10 11-50 51-100
Freight $160 $266 $599


  •     The above prices are for shipments within the United States only. *Orders shipping to Hawaii will ship 2nd day for the same price as ground.
  •     Please round up to the next full yard measurement when calculating shipping costs.
  •     The minimum textile order is two yards. A cut fee of $30 is charged for orders less than 2 yards.
  •     To calculate freight for orders over 100 yards, add the 100 yard rate with the next increment rate (i.e. add the 100 yard rate with the 50 yard rate for a 150 yard order).
  •     To calculate orders that contain multiple fabric weights (i.e. M & H), choose the heavier freight cost (i.e. H).
  •     Split-ship orders must be charged separately.
  •     For orders that require backing services, double the freight cost.

International quotes are available upon request. Please contact your local Jiun Ho Textile representative for more details.

Returns & Claims

No returns are accepted without receiving prior authorization from an employee of Jiun Ho, Inc. A 25% service charge will be placed on all returns.

No claims or returns are allowed once a fabric has been cut, marked or treated. Examine all merchandise for correct color, yardage, and any irregularities before cutting and/or processing. Claims must be received by Jiun Ho, Inc within 30 days of the invoice date.

Textile Care & Cleaning

For optimal textile performance, maintain fabrics by gently vacuuming dirt before it becomes embedded wipe or blot spills as soon as they occur, and spot clean soon after stains occur. When spot cleaning, always test a small, inconspicuous part of the furniture in case of furniture discoloration or shrinkage. Avoid excessive brushing that may abrade the fibers.

Confirm with your sales associate to see if ironing or steaming is recommended. If steaming is recommended, do not hold the steamer too close to the fabric as damage can occur to the fabric and dyes. Use caution when ironing and always test a small, inconspicuous area before proceeding with an entire piece of fabric.

Natural pile fabrics may patina over time. A light brushing and/or steaming by a fabric care professional can refresh these fabrics. Pile fabrics that contain a blend of synthetic fibers should not be steamed unless otherwise noted.

Though spot cleaning recommendations may be provided, Jiun Ho, Inc, cannot be held responsible for results. Consult a professional dry cleaner for specific cleaning and care information.

Fabric Testing

Many of our fabrics have been tested for abrasion resistance, the ability to withstand wear from rubbing. Review individual products for specific details related to abrasion resistance.

Many of our fabrics have been tested for flame resistance. These tests measure the fabric’s self-extinguishing ability. The most commonly used test for upholstery is the California Flammability Bulletin #117. Review individual products for specific details related to flame resistance.

Backing Services

Should your project require backing services, Jiun Ho, Inc provides the following:

Knit Backing

  • A woven polyester knit backing is bonded with adhesive to the back of a fabric to help upholster seams and corners.
  • This backing does not affect the textile hand or exhibility and does not make the textile more durable. Knit backing is often added to lightweight or mid-weight fabrics that require extra reinforcement for use on upholstery.
    • $7.00 per yard
    • $150 minimum

Alta Treatment

  • Alta is a textile technology that revolutionizes how people think of fabric protection.
  • Alta is the first and only technology engineered to deliver the exact protection
  • Alta protects fabrics without changing the hand, flattening or crushing.
    • $7.00 per yard
    • $200 minimum


  •     Please add 48 hours to the expected ship date for textiles requiring knit-backing services.
  •     The backing process may result in the loss of a 1/2 yard of fabric per item. Jiun Ho, Inc is not responsible for yardage lost during the backing process. For all items requiring backing, please adjust your order quantity accordingly.

Fire Resistant Backing

  • Jiun Ho textiles can be fire resistance knit backed for added fire retardancy and stability.
    • $10.00 per yard
    • $100 minimum
    • $30 handling fee
    • Maximum fabric width: 60”


  •     Please add 48 hours to the expected ship date for textiles requiring knit-backing services.
  •     The backing process may result in the loss of a 1/2 yard of fabric per item. Jiun Ho, Inc is not responsible for yardage lost during the backing process. For all items requiring backing, please adjust your order quantity accordingly.


All disputes which involve this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of California. This Agreement contains all the terms and conditions agreed upon by Customer and Jiun Ho, Inc. and supersedes Customer’s purchase order. No modification to this Agreement shall be valid unless in writing and signed by both parties.

Material Terms and Conditions

Here we shall place the terms and contions for Material