Castro Residence

San Francisco CA
The Hartford project was a full-service commission where jiun Ho, Inc provided architectural, interior design and landscaping services. From the beginning, the client embraced Jiun Ho's aesthetic approach to living, giving our firm the freedom to create a modern and elegant home that meets all of today's needs while delivering timeless, classic design.

Initially consisting of three distinct units that had been separated throughout the house's long history, the design returned the old Victorian to its original configuration as a single-family home. Three small houses become one large, airy space for a young couple. New openings and exterior decks reconnected the interiors with the beautiful gardens, while well proportioned rooms in muted colors were created to display a growing art collection.

From the high-ceiling, imposing living areas designed with entertainment in mind, to the cozy, peaceful bedrooms where the owners retreat from daily stress, the end result is a house that has proudly been reborn as a statement to the always possible, but frequently ignored, union of unique.

Interior Architect: Jiun Ho,  Photography: David Livingston