Nob Hill Residence

San Francisco CA
Jiun Ho, Inc was excited and pleased when presented with the opportunity to update a condo in one of the cities most elegant apartment buildings. The single occupant, an international businesman, is an avid art collector and his impressive collection provided the starting point for the design.

With the intention of creating the perfect background for all the masterpieces on display, the designers sought to create a space that wouldn't interfere with the visual excitement present in the form of paintings and prints, sculptures, antique furniture and others objects d'art. Light colors and simply-shaped, modestly-proportioned furnishings turned the vast expanses of walls into the perfect home gallery. In addition, a new kitchen, bathrooms, updated lighting throughout and, for good measure, a grand piano, all came together as an expression of the ultimate in elegant in city living.

Interior Architect: Jiun Ho,  Photography: Matthew Millman